Matthew Perron

Database Systems Researcher



Cambridge, MA

I am a PhD Student in the MIT Data Systems Group advised by Sam Madden. I am interested in making analytical databases much easier to use. Before MIT, I earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University where I worked with Andy Pavlo. I also worked as a software engineer at Softbank.

My current research interest is making analytical database systems better at responding to end users needs with minimal configuration. In particular, my recent work considers how best to use elastic pools of resources like AWS Lambda, responding to workload shifts while minimizing costs.

I am currently seeking a position as an Assistant Professor.


Aug 28, 2023 I attended VLDB 2023.
Aug 23, 2023 Cackle: Analytical Workload Cost and Performance Stability With Elastic Pools has been accepted at SIGMOD 2024.

Selected Publications


  1. cackle.pdf.jpg
    Cackle: Analytical Workload Cost and Performance Stability With Elastic Pools
    Matthew Perron, Michael Cafarella, Raul Castro Fernandez, David DeWitt, and Samuel Madden
    Proc. ACM Manag. Data, Dec 2023


  1. starling.pdf.jpg
    Starling: A Scalable Query Engine on Cloud Functions
    Matthew Perron, Raul Castro Fernandez, David DeWitt, and Samuel Madden
    In Proceedings of the 2020 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, Dec 2020


  1. reopt2019.pdf.jpg
    How I learned to stop worrying and love re-optimization
    Matthew Perron, Zeyuan Shang, Tim Kraska, and Michael Stonebraker
    In 2019 IEEE 35th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), Dec 2019