Matthew Perron

Computer Science PhD Student in the MIT Database Group


I am a Computer Science PhD student in the Database Group at MIT. I am currently interested in improving the performance of OLAP systems. In my spare time I like traveling, watching movies and speaking Japanese.


Detecting and Avoiding Catastrophic Query Plans

Configuration Optimization in Cloud OLAP systems


Esper: A Framework for analysis of large video collections (2017)

Carnegie Mellon's in-memory self-driving relational database system.
Pavlo, Andrew, et al. "Self-Driving Database Management Systems." CIDR. 2017.

Write-Behind Loggging(2016)
A logging scheme tuned for non-volatile memory in Peloton.
Arulraj, Joy, Matthew Perron, and Andrew Pavlo. "Write-behind logging." Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 10.4 (2016): 337-348.

Multithreaded Database Logging and Recovery (Fall 2016)

BW-Tree: A Lock Free Concurrent Multi Map for Main Memory Databases (Spring 2016)
Implementation of this paper from Microsoft Research.

JCoz: A causal profiler for Java programs (2016)
Based on this paper by Charlie Curtsinger and Emery Berger.

Flash Translation Layer for SSD wear leveling (Fall 2016)

Hybrid Cloud/SSD File System implemented with FUSE and Amazon S3 (Fall 2016)


PhD in Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Distributed Systems (6.824 Current)
Advances in Computer Vision (6.869)
Theory of Computation (6.840)

Expected 2020

Master Of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Advanced and Distributed Operating Systems (15-712)
Visual Computing Systems (15-769)
Advanced Database Systems (15-721)
Parallel Computer Architecture & Programming (15-618)
Machine Learning (10-601)
Algorithms (15-651)
Storage Systems (15-746)
Distributed Systems (15-640)

Other: Independent Study with Andy Pavlo (2016)

Graduated December 2016

Bachelor of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Graduated August 2013


Graduate Technical Intern
Intel Labs Santa Clara, CA

JANUARY 2017 - AUGUST 2017

Software Co-op Intern
NuoDB Inc. Cambridge, MA

MAY 2016 - AUGUST 2016

System Engineer
SoftBank Corp. Tokyo, Japan

AUGUST 2013 - JULY 2015

Software Enginering Intern
Moog Inc. East Aurora, NY

JUNE 2012 - NOVEMBER 2012



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