Matthew Perron

Computer Science PhD Student in the MIT Database Group

About Me

I am a Computer Science PhD student in the Database Group at MIT advised by Sam Madden. I'm interested in making databases cheaper, faster, and easier to use through the unique capabilites of cloud environments. I am also insterested in data anlytics generally, specifically query optimization. Before starting at MIT, I worked with Andy Pavlo as a Master's student at Carnegie Mellon. Before that, I built systems for SoftBank in Tokyo.

Outside of work I enjoy rowing, watching movies, and reading.

Current Projects

StarlingDB (details coming soon)

Past Projects and Publications

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Re-optimization (2019)
Perron, Matthew, et al. ICDE 2019 + (Longer ArXiv Version)

Choosing A Cloud DBMS: Architectures and Tradeoffs (2019)
Tan, Junjay, et al. VLDB 2019 (to appear)

Esper: A Framework for analysis of large video collections (2017)

Carnegie Mellon's in-memory self-driving relational database system.
Pavlo, Andrew, et al. "Self-Driving Database Management Systems." CIDR. 2017.

Write-Behind Loggging(2016)
A logging scheme tuned for non-volatile memory in Peloton.
Arulraj, Joy, et al. "Write-behind logging." PVLDB 2016.


PhD in Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Expected 2022

Master Of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Graduated December 2016

Bachelor of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Graduated August 2013

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